Guests and Visitors to Cypress Point Country Club Website, welcome!

We are a semi-private golf course, restaurant, and venue for private events and banquets. We are pleased to invite the public to enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner in our Sports Lounge and Grille. We are located at the intersection of Wesleyan Drive and Cypress Point Boulevard in the Cypress Point community in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The Club is constructed on a large portion of the Sajo Farm, nestled in a quiet, out-of-way, golf and country club community adjoining the Lake Lawson and Lake Smith. Please feel free to head over to our Upcoming Events at a Glance for information on upcoming events, peruse our restaurant menus, make a tee-time here or at any of our three other sister golf courses, and consider Cypress Point Country Club for your next private engagement.  Looking to become one of our privileged members?  Many Membership Opportunities are available!

Attention Members, Guests, Brides and Grooms!!!

We are available for your parties, rehearsal dinners, wedding receptions, Birthdays and your business lunch or dinners!

Plan now for your events, as dates are going fast!
We cater to all different kinds of events: Weddings, Office Parties, Corporate Events, Family Parties or Dinners or just a reason to get together with friends, we have you covered!

Please contact Zanny Brickner, our Event Coordinator for more details and to book your event! 
757-490-6300 or e-mail


Upcoming Events
September 5th ~ Labor Day Business Office Closed & Last Day For The Pool
September 10-11 ~ 2016 Club Championship
September 15th ~ $100 Circle (Neighborhood Block Party)


October 7 ~ Golf Course is Open! Private Event, Club House Closed